Electronics Project


    Our second project will be an electronic LED Kit with SOUND.




    The Soldering LED kit presents us with many challenges.  We will studying the principles of electricity and the expected outcome of a closed electrical system.  This project will also teach the students the fundamentals soldering, the purposes of resistors, capacitors, anodes,  diodes, switches, LEDs and printed circuit boards.





    Due to the danger inherent in the use of hot soldering irons, safety is paramount.  Responsibility is very important in this project with many small parts and limited resources.  Therefore, points can be deducted as a result of loosing parts.  Conservative use of solder will be a factor in grading this assignment as well.


    We are looking forward to an exciting and educational year.

    Watch videos below to help with Electricity final assessment. 

    Resister Color code

    Ohm's law

    Available Documents




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