FAQ about the JH History Club

  • How do I join the JH History Club?

    Show up!  All you need to do to join the JH History club is to show up to one of our meetings.  I realize that everyone may have to come and go because of sports, musical responsibilities, etc. and I will not hold those things against you. 

    What grade do I have to be in to join the JH History Club?

    The JH History Club is a Junior High School Club and because of this, all students need to be in Grades 7 or 8.  Sorry, if you are in grades 9-12, speak to me and we can consider creating a High School History Club(if enough people are interested!)

    What does the JH History Club do?

    We go on field trips, have history movie parties, and do many other fun things that are tough to do in Social Studies class.  Basically, the JH History club is a place to do everything and anything that you wished you could do in Social Studies class!

    Do I need to be smart?

    No. You just need to love History!