Grade 10 AIS

  • Introduction to AIS Social Studies:

    Academic Intervention Services is a program designed to achieve the following goals:


    1.  Students will be provided with the tools and skills necessary to be successful in Social Studies.

    2.  Students will prepare for local and state assessments such as Mid-Term Examinations, Final Examinations and New York State Regents Examinations

    3.  Students will receive support regarding the many issues that are faced both inside and outside the classroom.


    Through constant dialogue between AIS Instructors and Social Studies Teachers, students will be afforded opportunities to improve their performance in Social Studies.  With this in mind, it is important for all selected students to attend AIS and satisfy all the requirements necessary for the eventual exit from the program.


    AIS Social Studies Curriculum:



    -Introduction to the Global History & Geography Course

    -Regents-Style Multiple Choice Strategies/Preparation (School Island)

    -Discussion of DBQ Essay Writing Strategies

    -Discussion of Thematic Essay Writing Strategies

    -Outlining/Planning a DBQ /Thematic Essay

    -Vocabulary review

    -Discussion of Key Global History & Geography Themes

    -Free Response Question Analysis

    -Discussion of the Scoring Rubric used by Teachers

    -Content will be incorporated throughout Curriculum in coordination with 10th Grade Teachers