Grade 7-8 AIS

  • Introduction to AIS Social Studies:


    Welcome to AIS Social Studies!  You have been selected for this program not only to help you improve your Social Studies grades, but also to prepare you for the upcoming New York State assessment at the end of 8th grade.  You will be required to attend AIS at least once a week for 25 minutes.  During our classes we will work on important skills needed to do well in Social Studies, discuss test-taking and essay writing techniques, and also play review games to help you master the material you are working on in your regular SS classes.  By attending and participating in this class, we will work together towards a common goal- to help you succeed!



    AIS Social Studies Curriculum:


    -Introduction to the Social Studies 7-8 Courses

    -Assessment-Style Multiple Choice Strategies/Preparation (School Island)

    -Discussion of Essay Writing Strategies

    -Outlining/Planning an Essay

    -Vocabulary review

    -Discussion of Key Social Studies Themes

    -Free Response Question Analysis

    -Discussion of the Scoring Rubric used by Teachers

    -Content will be incorporated throughout Curriculum in coordination with Social Studies Teachers