Past Service Projects

  • Past Service Projects:

    Guess How much Candy??

    February 9th - February 13th

    Themed for Valentines Day, you will be able to sell "guesses: to people willing to pay $1 to guess how much candy is in a jar.

    The winner wins ALL the candy!!!

    All proceeds will go to an agreed upon charity

    Breast Cancer Bracelets:
    • All proceeds will be donated to breast cancer awareness.
    • Breast Cancer Bracelets will be sold during lunch periods 4-8 in the cafeteria on the week of October 27th.
    • Bracelets are $2.00 each and the money collected will be donated to the cause.
    * $533 was raised and donated to First Company Pink
    *Thank you everyone that participated

    Trick or Treat for UNICEF

    • students collected change

    *$2,045.82 was raised and donated to UNICEF


    • Get well cards were made for a sick student Marissa Deal
    • Holiday cards were made for every teacher, teaching assistant, and administrator
    • Stay strong cards were made for a parent of a student who was recently diagnosed with cancer


    Donate items needed for troops.  

    December 7th - December 12th

    We will need a group of volunteers to come early (7:00AM or earlier) to the rotunda to collect donations from NJHS members.

    For a list of the items to donate, see the file below.