Spanish IV

  • Welcome to Spanish IV! Congratulations on choosing to advance your language skills to the next level! In this course, you'll be exposed to more in-depth cultural content, advanced grammar, and development of your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

    Upcoming due dates:

    Portfolio Item #1: Thurs. Sept.27 (Visual Dictionary of vocabulary words)

    Portfolio Item #2: Tues. Oct.2 (Spanish-speaking families assignment)

    Journal Check #1: Fri.. Oct. 5 (with three entries)

    Portfolio Item #3: Oct.15 (Facebook project about Venezuela election)

    Portfolio Item #4: Oct.23 ("El Anuncio Personal/El Novio Ideal")

    HW- Ch. 1 Crossword puzzle: Oct.29


    Reminder: Quarterly Exam (Ch.1 exam) - Thurs. Oct.25th

    Current Journal Assignments: 1) "La Cita Perfecta"   2) "Mi Pariente Favorito"  3) "Una carta para tu celebridad favorita"


    Q2 Journal Assignments (due 12/5): 1) la República Dominicana 2) los días festivos 3) ¿Eres supersticiosa?