Labs and Lab Information

  •  Regents Exam Laboratory Requirements:

    The use of scientific inquiry is critical to understanding science concepts and the development of explanation of natural phenomena. 


    As a prerequisite for admission to the Physical Setting / Physics Regents Examination students must have successfully completed a minimum of 1200 minutes of hands-on laboratory experience with satisfactory laboratory reports on file.



    Grading Criteria:


    Throughout each quarter we will complete between 8 to 10 lab activities and experiments.


    1.  Two formal lab reports - 20 points each - see attachment below

    • These labs will be given one week for completion.
    • They must be type-written with the exception of graphs and calculations which should be done in pencil.

    2.  6 - 8 informal lab reports - 10 points each

    • Informal lab reports will typically consist of completing a ditto packet with questions and calculations.
    • Informal lab reports are usually do within 2 days of the activity.

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