Course Overview

  • Algebra 2 & Trigonometry is a very demanding, fast-paced class.  It is my goal to make this year an exciting and positive experience for students and most importantly, prepare them for the regents in June.  To aid in this process, please access my website for daily notes, homework assignments and helpful links.

    Homework should be completed to the best of their/your ability, written out in its entirety and checked against the answer key.  There will be some form of homework 4-5 nights a week. It is important that the skills being taught in class are reinforced with practice and that responsibility for assignments is expected. 

     Homework quizzes are given every other week.  The homework quiz is a way to make sure that ALL homework is completed and corrected.  I will randomly pick 5 questions from past homework assignments to grade.  Students circle the problems right in their notebook and hand in.  Students are responsible to make sure all homework assignments have been corrected before the homework quiz.

    Tests are given every week.  All tests are cumulative from the beginning of the year. 5 Bonus Points can be earned for each test if a study sheet is prepared for the current test.

    Extra help is available after school. Please attend extra help as soon as it is needed.  

    Mrs. Linda Rotanz