Classroom Procedures


    1. Entering the Classroom
      It is expected that as soon as you enter you go to your seat and sit down. Once seated, check the back board for the day's homework assignment (write it down so you don't forget). Then take out last night’s homework so it is ready for me to check.

    1. Arriving Late
      When you enter the room late (with or without a pass) you need not disturb the class.  If you have a pass, please place it on my desk. If you must speak with me, go to your seat, and raise your hand when it is appropriate to do so.

    1. Leaving the Classroom
      The bell does not dismiss the class, I do. Do not pack up until I dismiss the class. Do not leave your seats until I dismiss the class.

    1. Absences Look at the 'Recorded Lessons Calendar" on my school website, watch the lesson and try to do the homework. If there are any questions, speak with me before class begins, after class, or during extra help.

    1. Make-Up Tests
      If you are absent for a test day (field trip, vacation, doctor’s appt., etc.) you can arrange to take the test prior to me handing back the test the next day (2nd period). Tests cannot be taken during your math class. Any missed test can be made up at the end of the quarter.