12 Powerful Words

  • 12 Powerful Words


    Trace                    Follow, track, outline, list in steps

    Analyze                Think through, break apart, break into pieces

    Infer                      Figure out, read between the lines, predict, what are they trying to say

    Evaluate              Judge, examine, test for the truth of, tell one good and one bad

    Formulate           Come up with, make a plan, develop, make, create  

    Describe              Tell about, show me, list details

    Support               Provide reasons, tell reasons, give examples, back it up

    Explain                Tell all about it, tell what and why, tell how, teach to someone else

    Summarize         Tell main parts, bottom line, main ideas

    Compare              List all the ways they are alike/same

    Contrast              List differences, all the ways they are different

    Predict                 Educated guess, tell what could or may happen, look into the future