'Castle Learning'


                  We will be using the website "castlelearning.com" for assignments, tests, and review during the school year.  Students will or had the opportunity during class time to log on and practice on "castlelearning.com". 

         Along with their computers at home, students have been reminded that they can use the computers in the library during study hall, lunch, or after school if necessary. They can even use their smart phones. 

         Students can log on to the web site directly from the school's home page.  The students login name is esm.their student id number(esm.1234)& use their current esm password. If they do not remember their password I can make it possible for them to create a new one.  

         Students are given at least one week's notice before an assignment's due date.  Most test questions come from the corresponding Castle Learning assignment and the questions are similar to Regent's questions. Therefore, castle learning is an excellent way to review for both tests and the Regents Exam.  If there are any questions or concerns please contact me via e-mail @ neimethg@esmonline.org.


    Mr. Neimeth