U.S. History & Government Syllabus

  • Eleventh Grade U.S. History & Government


    The following is a course syllabus explaining the grading policy and expectations.


    Grading Policy

    • Homework:  Homework will be assigned for each chapter/unit.  Most homework will be assigned at the start of each chapter/unit.  Generally homework includes reinforcement worksheets for each section in the chapter, the defining of chapter key terms, “CastleLearning.com” questions, studying, and reading. Homework is not accepted late unless the student was legally absent and turns it in the following school day.  Homework is expected to be neat and properly labeled.  Class work is graded as homework with the same expectations.  Homework is counted as 15% of your quarterly grade.   


    • Quizzes & Essays:  Quizzes can be expected on any day.  Quizzes and/or essays may assess the prior night’s homework, knowledge of key terms, or lesson comprehension.  Most quizzes are announced, but not always.  Students cutting on the day of a quiz or on the due date for an essay receive a zero grade.  Quizzes & Essays count as 20% of the quarterly grade.


    • Tests & Projects:  Tests can be expected for each chapter and/or unit.  Projects will count as one or two tests grades depending on the project’s depth. Students must make up missed tests or they become a zero grade.  Students cutting on the day of a test receive a zero grade.  Projects are not accepted late.  If a student is absent on the due date, he/she must find a way to get it to the school.  If there are extraordinary circumstances, a parent or guardian must call.  Tests & projects count as 65% of the quarterly grade.



    *Extra Help sessions will be on Monday @ 2:10.


    *Extra credit is available at the student’s request.  All extra credit is due no later than 2 weeks before the end of each quarter.  Extra credit possibilities were discussed in class on the first two days of school. 


    *A midterm will be administered at the conclusion of the 2nd quarter and count as 20% of the 2nd quarter grade.


    *The U.S. History Regents is administered in June for students enrolled in 11th grade U.S. History & Government for the first time.  Passing the exam is mandatory for graduation and counts as the student’s final. 


    * The overall yearly grade is calculated using 5 grades, each worth 20%.  They are the 4 quarter grades and the Regents grade.  Passing is an average of 65%.



    Expectations: All must respect the right of students to learn and feel safe in school.  Any behavior contrary to that expectation is unacceptable and will be addressed.


    *Rules and Consequences are derived directly from the student handbook.  They were reviewed during the first day of class and reinforced at an assembly.