Special Education

  • A range of services from part-time to full-time education is available to allow success in meeting the requirements of the New York State standards. This is accomplished through specially designed instruction based upon the individual needs of students identified as disabled by the district Committee on Special Education. Consideration of academic, social, management and physical needs form the basis for the type and duration of services. Special Education programs and services are designed to assure that children with disabilities receive appropriate and equal opportunity for educational growth up to age 21. Questions, referrals and additional information may be obtained by contacting the Office of Special Education at (631 ) 801-3040 between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM.


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Committee on Special Education

  • The purpose of the Committee on Special Education (CSE) is to determine whether a child has a disability that impairs or affects his or her learning, to ascertain the child's particular needs and to recommend an appropriate educational program and/or facilities to meet those needs.

    If school personnel or a parent suspects that a disability might exist which could impede the academic progress of a child, a referral should be made to the CSE. Parents will be given a copy of A Parent's Guide to Special Education, outlining all the procedures involved as well as their legal rights as a parent during this process.

    Parents of children presented to the Committee on Special Education for consideration will always be notified in advance of the meeting scheduled and are invited to be present and address the CSE concerning the child's evaluation procedures, social history, proposed classification and available special education services and programs. Parents are encouraged to be involved in the identification, evaluation, and placement process. Questions may be directed to the CSE Chairperson, at (631) 801-3040.

Committee on Pre-School Special Education

  • The Committee on Pre-School Special Education (CPSE) serves the same function as the CSE except that it is concerned with identifying pre-school children ages 3-5 years old who may have a disability.

    If you believe that your child age 3-5 years old may have a disability, please contact the school at (631) 801-3033.


Transition from Pre-School to School Age

  • A Parent's Guide

    This following guide contains  valuable information regarding the process when a youngster with a disability who has been attending a preschool special education program is entering kindergarten in his or her local school district or out of district special education program.  The same process is used for a child who has been receiving special education or related services in a general education preschool, nursery school, in childcare, or at home.  This information targets transitioning from CPSE to CSE. A list of Acronyms and Definitions is also provided.

    Click here view the complete guide