• All schools are obliged to enforce the requirements of NYS Public Health Law and State Education Department regulations. No child shall be admitted to school, or in the case of students entering from outside New York, be allowed to attend school in excess of 14 days without satisfactory written evidence that the child has been immunized. Prior to enrollment, all students in the seventh grade are required by NYS Public Health Law 2164 to have the Hepatitis B vaccine. For further information, please contact your child’s school nurse at the following phone numbers:


    Eastport-South Manor Jr. Sr. High school

    631 801-3262

    Dayton Avenue Elementary School

     631 801-3090

    Eastport Elementary School

    631 801-3188

    South Street Elementary School

    631 801-3156

    Tuttle Avenue Elementary School

    631 801-3070


    Additionally, effective January 1, 2005, NYS Public Health Law 2164 also mandates that students who will be enrolled in the sixth grade must be immunized against varicella (commonly known as “chickenpox”). Also, all children born on or after January 1, 2005, must be immunized against pertussis (commonly known as “whooping cough”) and tetanus for school entry and attendance. For additional immunization information, contact the NYS Department of Health Immunization at 518-474-1944 or 631-851-3081.