Update (3/30/2020)

    Please find all work assigned and everything you need to be successful on your schoology account. Please log into your account and look for the different folders. Student assigned work is where you will find the assignments.


    Information (3/29/20)

    I have moved our class material over to Schoology. Please log into your schoology accounts to see what assignments will be assigned.

    I will start to post assignments sometime around 9AM or so on Monday morning. I will be reviewing Chinese Communist Movements and Indian Nationalist Movements, what we were finishing before we left.

    I added edpuzzle, Pearson Realize, and castlelearning to each of the classes so it will be at your fingertips. Click on the whichever one you want and a blank screen appears. All the way to the right of the name of the resource you will see a box with an arrow in the top right corner. Click tthat icon and it will take you to the resource.

    Any questions or issues, I will be available Monday through Friday 8AM - 1PM via email. I will not be sitting in front of the computer waiting for emails but I will be checking often. Good luck and I hope you and your family are doing well.

    Please note: This is all new to us and there might be some bumps in the road. Be patient and we will conquer this together. Please make sure you looked below for some of my earlier comments.

    Please sign up for remind - Both parents and Students. Please use your real name. If I don't recognize a name, I will delete it. Too many hacks going on around the world.

    Period 1 - f44kg47

    Period 2 - ac33gd

    Period 3 - 3gbdgg

    Period 5 - ed379e

    Period 7 - 87k7ek

    Period 8 - 879h7e

    Please sign up for Edpuzzle ASAP - Today!!!!!

    Period 1 use this-

    Period 2 use this-

    Period 3 use this-

    Period 5 use this-

    Period 7 Use this-

    Period 8 Use this-


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Additional Resources

Open House

  • Global Studies Textbook

    This is the log in information for the textbook. Please check every night to see if there is homework assigned.

    User name= firstname.lastname.esm

    Password= esm.Student ID #


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Global II Course Outline



Extra Credit

  • Please refer to the course outline. Examples of what can be done are as follows:

    • 1) Current event article on World History - 1 page write up (Intro, Body, Conclusion)
    • 2) Poster board on something we are about to learn
    • 3) Draw a map of an area we are discussing
    • 4) Build something we are discussing
    • 5) Write a poem, song, etc. about something we are learning
    • 6) Make a power point of a chapter

     ** Any extra credit assignment must be approved by Mr. Consorte before you start!!!

     Any Questions feel free to email me at: