Computer Graphics Workshop


    This course is for those students interested in refining their artistic talents and skills in design while preparing a professional quality portfolio in order to strengthen higher learning enrollment opportunities along with possible employment options as well.  Student projects will reflect both college portfolio requirements and assignments that are given to graphic artists working in the computer graphics field.  Assignments in design will include advertisement layouts, logo design, layer compositions with digital photos and original art, label and package design.  Other assignments will be based upon digital illustration and 3D modeling graphics.  Students will also be required to create their own personal logo for usage on personal stationary including business cards, letterheads, and envelopes.

    Weeks 1-2:

    Learning Objectives: Students Will Be Able To:  1. Create 3 variations of a logo to represent themselves as an artist using a graphic element, text element, and both combined. 2. Learn about what it is to brand yourself in order to get work as a freelance artist. 3. Utilize the programs previously learned in order to develop a personalized logo.