Jr. High Art Classes Grades 7 and 8

  • In Jr. High School, there is a lot of new projects to be created.  Creativity is a must!  Students in the 7th Grade are working with the five elements of art in which each element is broken up into units consisting of exercises and projects.  In this course, students are learning fundamentals in drawing.  There will be an exploration of various types of mediums as well.

    On a side note, 8th Grade students are working with the principles of design in which we explore various aspects of design and creating art.  These principles include balance, harmony, unity, and movement.  Students will have the wonderful opportunity to work with various mediums as well with the goal of being as creative as possible.

    Grade 7 Art Weeks 1-2:
    Learning Objectives: Students Will Be Able To:  1. Create both a Blind Contour Line Drawing and Modified Contour Line Drawing. 2. Develop confidence in drawing 3. Study relationships between contours of fingers with knuckles and finger nails while drawing the human hand. 4. Apply knowledge gained in viewing proportion and size relationships to line drawings.