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  • This is an educational blog that is maintained by Mrs. McCoy  which is intended to extend communication from our English class.  

    This blog is intended to help us "explore" our thinking.  Be sure to read other students' responses.  Feel free to post a comment in response to another student.  To do this, please type the students name - subject then your response.

    Instructions for posting:
    1. Click on your CLASS
    2. Read the Blog Prompt ... (a) read other postings   and/or  (b) post a comment
    3. When done, type in FIRST NAME  Last Initial - Per #

    Remember... this is a "virtual classroom" so respect each other, write in a coherent manner, and proof before you post!

    NOTE:  If you are unsure of any concepts that are included in the posting . . . please visit LONGMAN ON-LINE DICTIONARY to explore the meanings. 

    How do I access the online?   
         (a)  cut and paste this address into your URL Address Bar:
         (b)  under RESOURCES on the Home Page ... click LONGMAN ON-LINE DICTIONARY

    1. ENGLISH 10 - POSTINGS ... > You will follow instructions for prompt > Answer should include "explanation" ... that is the "how" and the "why" > Enter First Name Last INITIAL - Period #__
    2. English 10 - Honors
    5. LORD OF THE FLIES - This blog has been set up for us to explore the allegorical novel LORD OF THE FLIES. You will have a posting for most chapters...please be aware of the due dates for each posting. In accordance with our classroom policy on late homeworks, you will be awarded half credit for any postings submitted up to 3 days after due dates.
    6. NIGHT - Elie Wiesel
    7. 10 Honors - POETRY - (SEE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW) This blog is designed for you to show off what you have learned about the structure of poetry, the elements of poetry, and the various genres of poetry. REMEMBER: Post only your first name & last name initial following by Period!(Barbara M - Per 1)