Purpose:   to  assess your ability to show how literary elements and techniques reveal theme.


    What is a critical lens?  Like the lenses in a pair of glasses, or the lens of a camera, the quote brings what we are looking at into focus … gives us a way to analyze, interpret, and think about the text.



    The TASK:  is to respond to a point of view (the meaning of the quote)

    and then

    express it in your own words in order to develop a critical essay on works you know.



    Remember the action . . .

       interpret:   to analyze in order to make meaning


       analyze:    to pull apart into pieces, study and make

                             observations in order to make meaning


       explain:    to tell, to describe by providing details

                            as to how  or   why


    Click on link below for Critical Lens Interpretation sheet ... and follow directions for the 3 quotes.

    HOW DO I STUDY FOR A WRITING TEST?  That's a good question!

    Given the fact that this writing tests

          (a) your ability TO THINK 

          (b) your ability WRITE COHESIVELY using literature & literary terms

    you need to have a good knowledge of literary elements, devices, & techniques.

    HOW SHOULD I REVIEW?    Practice .... Practice .... Practice

    Click on the links below ... there is a Critical Lens Practice Sheet as well as the literary terms review sheet.

        KNOW YOUR TERMS and identify them in literature

                 Additionally ... be able to explain HOW and WHY these ex

                 help make "meaning"

    How do I get the practice sheets?  Click on the links below for the practice sheets and/or the literary device handout.

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