• To my esteemed students ...

    You have begun your journey on the THESIS-DRIVEN RESEARCH have selected a topic, created a Noodletools account (pst...did you share your account with me via the "share project" tab? If not see *A below)

    Remember this Journey has 2 parts ...

    PART I: the Process of Research and Development of Thesis

    PART II: the process of writing

    We are currently on PART I of the journey.  I've attached the handouts distributed thus far. 

    I am an email away... 

    What is a Thesis-driven Research Paper?

    Definition: A thesis-driven research paper is similar to a long essay. The paper will have a strong arguable thesis statement in the introduction. (A thesis is a proposition maintained by argument - American Heritage College). The paragraphs that follow should support or prove your thesis and your paper should conclude a statement of solution and/or suggestions for resolution.  All language should be formal- NO “I”, “you”, “me”, “our”, etc.;  in other words, do not use pronouns-name the person of whom you are speaking. Do not use contractions, slang or abbreviations.

    *A: how to share you NoodleTools Account

    1.  Sign onto NoodleTools

    2.  Open your McCoy Research Paper

    3.  Scan page for SHARING and COLLABORATION box (2nd box)

    4.  Click Share project with a teacher's drop box

    5.  Type McCoy in Assignment Drop Box field

    6.  Click your Period

    7.  MAKE SURE Share your googles document IS NOT CHECKED

    8.  Click Share Project

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