Patrick Brimstein, Ed.D, Superintendent of Schools

    At the heart of a healthy community is a place where confident children are encouraged to pursue their interests and where curious young adults are supported to learn new ideas.  In this place, creative expression of students is showcased and athletic prowess is on display through both personal and team excellence.  This place is called school. 

    Our schools are made stronger when people from across the community express the expectations they hold in common.  When stakeholders work together toward achieving the things they value, then the product of their cooperation results in high quality learning experiences for their sons and daughters. 

  • The value that a community places in its schools is indicated by the degree of parent and community involvement.  Their commitment serves as a beacon of light for what can be accomplished when people from all walks of life work together.  The brightness of this light then guides children and young adults through the uncertainties of growing up, illuminating a way toward a brighter future for the community.  

    It is our shared commitment to prepare all students to effectively navigate a wide variety of educational, career and life pathways.  This requires that we teach how to look at problems and engineer solutions, how to acquire and use practical skills, and how to approach challenges with confidence and determination.  Effective schools also teach the importance of tolerance and the value of cooperation how to achieve higher goals together. 

    While my team has inherited significant economic challenges that loom heavy over the well-being of our community, I remain confident that development of a sound fiscal plan, our commitment to the educational program, open communication, and representative community involvement that we will be successful.  Responsible investment of community resources will benefit the students who after all remain at the heart of our collective efforts.

    I am dedicated to building on the promise and value of the Eastport-South Manor Central School District.  A well-managed school district serves to maintain home values.  I also know that friendly and high-performing schools will continue to attract parents from across the region to our community, making ESM a desirable place to call home.  

    Patrick Brimstein Ed.D.

    Superintendent of Schools