Board Members

Board of Education

  • The Board of Education is a group of local residents elected by you to govern your school district. It consists of seven members, each serving a three year term, without pay. In general, the Board defines local school district policies and fulfills the requirements set by the New York State Education Department. Community residents are invited and encouraged to attend and speak at all regular meetings and public hearings of the Board of Education and its Committees, except those held in Executive Session, as authorized by the Freedom of Information Act. Speakers may address the Board at regular meetings during the agenda item: First Invitation to Public. In addition, views may be aired on specific items by addressing a letter to either the Superintendent of Schools or the Board of Education President.

Board of Education Goals 2018-19

  • Each year, the Board of Education establishes a set of goals that set a direction for the district.  Administrators implement programs, projects and procedures within their department or building to ensure that these goals are successfully met at every level.

    Learning Culture

    The Board of Education acknowledges the need to improve the environment where all children learn while continuing to address their social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development.


    Fiscal Sustainability

    The Board of Education working with administration will cultivate an environment of fiscal responsibility working within our district as well as reaching out to our local and state representatives.


    Community Connection

    The Board of Education recognizes the need to involve our community in the culture of our schools.  It will hold open meetings which will provide pertinent information to the community.