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Dayton Avenue Teacher Accepted Into Master Teacher Program

Dayton Avenue Elementary School sixth grade teacher Nina Smith has been named a Master Teacher in the New York State Master Teacher Program, joining a select group of over 1,200 distinguished K-12 educators across New York.

“As a teacher, I am a lifelong learner,” Mrs. Smith said. “Being accepted into the Master Teacher program provides me the opportunity to collaborate with fellow teachers from all over New York State. We share our knowledge, gain new perspectives and grow as individuals and a community. I am entrusted with the responsibility to carry that enthusiasm and learning back to my students.”

To receive this prestigious honor, teachers must complete a rigorous application and evaluation process which includes a test, presentation on an area of expertise, an essay and interview.

“Throughout her career, Mrs. Smith has always been an educator at the forefront of innovative educational practice,” Superintendent of Schools Joseph Steimel said. “Her students have certainly benefited from her passion and inspiration. The entire Eastport-South Manor school community is very proud of this well-deserved recognition for Mrs. Smith.”