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  • Kindergarten Registration


    Kindergarten Registration is now open!  Please see the instructions below to register your child with online registration.

    Once you have completed and submitted the registration paperwork, I will review it, call you confirming that your paperwork is in order, and also make an appointment for your child for Kindergarten screening which will be held in June at both South Street and Tuttle Avenue schools.

    Kindergarten screening is an opportunity for our teachers to meet and work with your child.  Students do not need any special preparation.  In addition to the evaluation of readiness skills, the screening includes an assessment by the school nurse, speech therapists and teachers of physical education.  There are activities that include hopping, jumping and skipping, so please have your child wear sneakers on the day of the screening.

    To be eligible for kindergarten in September 2021, a child must be five years of age on or before December 1, 2021.  If your child is already registered in Eastport-South Manor's UPK Program or special education preschool program, you do not need to register.  You will, however, need to complete the Kindergarten Questionnaire which is located below in Admission Forms.

  • On behalf of the Board of Education and faculty of the Eastport-South Manor Central School District, we look forward to having your child enter school within the district.  If your child is entering kindergarten, he or she must be five years old on or before December 1st.     In order for your child to be properly registered within the district, the following items are required at the time of registration:

    • Admission Packet
    • Birth Certificate
    • Proof of Residency
    • Latest transcript (high school students)
    • Latest report card (Grades 1 through 8)
    • Custodial and/or Guardianship documents (divorced/separated parents or other special circumstances)
    • Individualized Education Program Plan (IEP) – Special Education Students
    • Form DSS-2999 (Foster children only)
    • Doctor Certified Immunizations – See attached NYS Immunization Requirements for School Entrance/Attendance.

    The Public Health Law of New York State requires that all children entering school have the required immunizations and a complete physical examination by your family doctor or health clinic.  This exam must be completed within thirty days of registering.  A physical examination form for your doctor to sign has been provided for your convenience.

    The District provides special education services and programs to students with disabilities pursuant to applicable federal and state laws.  Any parent or person in parental relation who suspects that his/her child has a disability may refer the child for an evaluation by the District’s Committee on Special Education (CSE) for eligibility for special education services and programs.  More detailed information on this process is available in A Parent’s Guide to Special Education, which is available in English and Spanish on our district’s website www.esmonline.org.  Parents or persons in parental relation should contact the District’s Director of Special Education, 149 Dayton Avenue, District Administration Office, Manorville, New York 11949 or 631-801-3031.

    Online registration is now available.  To begin the process, please follow the steps below.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to either email Sharon Murray at murrays@esmonline.or or call at 631-801-3045.


Online Registration of Students

  • Online registration of students is now available with no need to print.  To begin the online process, please follow the steps below. 

    If you prefer, you may print the packet, complete and mail with required documentation to Sharon Murray, Eastport-South Manor CSD, 149 Dayton Avenue, Manorville, NY 11949.

    At this time, we are not conducting personal registration appointments.


    Step 1

    Please gather all of the necessary documentation you will need listed below which we will upload to your child's Schooltool Enrollment:


    Birth Certificate or Passport

    At this time, we are accepting copies of the birth certificate or passport with the understanding that we may request to review the original at a later date.


    Health Information

    Please read through the health information provided by our school nurses.  Click for the Nurse's Packet.

    • All new students need a physical examination within a year of the first day of school.  Your family doctor or health clinic must complete the health examination form.

    • If your child takes medication, the applicable forms (found in the Nurse's Packet) must be completed by your child's physician.

    • The Public Health Law of New York State requires that all children entering school have the required immunizations.  You must submit to us a copy of your child's updated immunization record.  Immunization information can be found at NYS Immunization Requirements.

    • A Dental Health Certificate is requested which would need to be completed by a registered dentist or NYS registered dental hygienist.


    Proof of Residency


    • Deed, current mortgage statement or current tax bill, and
    • One Current utility bill (cable, LIPA, fuel, water), and
    • Photo Identification (driver's license, military identification, passport)


    • Original Lease, and
    • Registration Affidavit*  Click here for form (Landlord's signature must be notarized), and
    • One Current utility bill (cable, LIPA, fuel, water), and
    • Photo Identification (driver's license, military identification, passport)

    *If you reside in the Heatherwood Community Pine Hills Apartment complex, you do not need the Registration Affidavit.


    Custodial and/or Guardianship Documentation 

    Divorced/separated parents or other special circumstances.  

    Marriage certificate required to include step-parent as guardian.


    Special Education IEP - Individualized Education Program

    If your child is a classified special education student please provide a copy of his/her IEP.


    Transportation Request

    Please complete this form if your child WILL NOT be picked up or dropped off at your home address before or after school.

    Click here for Transportation Form


    Step 2

    Click the link below to complete the online registration forms.  This is going to take approximately 15 minutes per child.  Each child will need a completed Student Admission Forms packet.  If you are unable to complete the forms in one session, please be sure to save your file so that you are able to retrieve and complete it.  Once you have completed the registration forms, please save as a PDF on your computer so that you are able to email it along with your additional registration information.


    Student Admission Forms - Kindergarten

    Student Admission Forms - Preschool Special Education

    Student Admission Forms - Grades 1-6

    Student Admission Forms - Grades 7-12


    Step 3

    You are now ready to submit your registration documents to Central Registration.  The supporting documentation can be scanned or a picture from your phone.  Prepare to email the following:


    • Student Admission Forms (completed and saved as a pdf file)
    • Birth Certificate
    • Immunizations
    • Proof of Residency
    • Custodial and/or Guardianship Documentation (if applicable)
    • Student IEP (if applicable)

    You will email all of the above to Sharon Murray, District Clerk, at murrays@esmonline.org.


    Step 4

    Congratulations!  You have completed the registration process.  Once the documentation is reviewed, you will be receive an email confirming your child's registration.


Admission Forms

  • McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance Act

    If you live in any of the following situations:

    • In a shelter, motel, vehicle, or campground
    • On the street
    • In an abandoned building, trailer, or other inadequate accommodations, or
    • Doubled up with friends or relatives because you cannot find or afford housing

    Then, you have certain rights or protections under the McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance Act.  Click here for more information.

    If you have any questions, you may contact the the School District's Homeless Liaison, Mrs. Lori Franchi, LCSW, at 631-801-3282.