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    Board Petitions Due to District Clerk

    April 18, 2022

    Budget Vote & Election

    May 17, 2022

Board Member Qualifications

    • The qualifications for school board membership are prescribed by law.  Board members must be qualified voters in their school district, be able to read and write, and be a resident of their district for one year prior to the election.  They may not be an employee of the district.


    • As prescribed in the Education Law, every school district officer, including Board members must be able to read, write, and be a qualified voter of the district.


    • Not more than one member of a family may be a member of the same Board of Education in any school district.  No current district employee may be a member of the Board of Education.  The Commissioner has held, however, that a retired teacher receiving medical insurance benefits under a current collective bargaining agreement is eligible to serve on the Board.  A Board member may not hold another public office that is incompatible with his or her Board service, e.g., local municipal office.


    • A Board member who is removed from office is ineligible to be appointed or elected to school district office for one year from the date of removal.


    • The Commissioner of Education has ruled that school boards may not add to the qualifications established by statute for school board membership.