Welcome to Mrs. Wells' Kindergarten Class!!

  •  Weekly Quote:

      "The mediocre teacher tells."

      "The good teacher explains."

       "The superior teacher demonstrates."

       "The great teacher inspires."

                                   --William Arthur Ward

Contact Info

  • I am available if you have any questions or concerns about our classroom! If you need to contact me before or after school hours, my home number is 730-8806 and my cell number is 576-7203.

    If you need to contact me during school hours, please email me, as I check my email in the morning and afternoon.  wellsl@esmonline.org

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  • I will be using the Remind App to send group messages, reminders, updates and notes!
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Labeling clothing!!

  • As the weather becomes cooler and your child begins wearing jackets or sweaters, please remember to label all outerwear..... Your child's initials or first name on a tag or inside lining will make it a lot easier to help the children find their jackets!! Thank you for understanding!! 

Star of the Day!!

  • Yellow Star


    This is the day your child is the Star!!  Please join us at the scheduled time on your child's date.  Please bring in a poster highlighting the important events in your child's life!  You can include family pictures, vacations, pets and especially, many pictures of your kindergartner!  You have approx. 45 minutes.  After your child shares his or her poster, you are welcome to read a story to the class or make an easy craft.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call!


Here is the schedule your child will follow this year for specials!!

  • Lunch:  Every day at 1:18!  


    Monday: Art  2:02-2:45  with Mrs. Morstadt

    Ms. Heller will be covering while Mrs. Morstadt is on maternity leave.  


    Tuesday & Wednesday:   Physical Education 10:07 - 10:51 with Mrs. Ackerman

    Please make sure that on Physical Education days, your child wears sneakers and removes all jewelry...thank you!

    spongebob with sneakers

     Thursday:  Music  10:07 - 10:51 with Mrs. McNeil 

    MUSIC NOTES        

    Friday: Library 10:07 - 10:51 with Ms. Norman