Story Line

  • DUE END OF EACH QUARTER ....  (check out links below for stories online!)

    A TYPED plot outline for each story, novel, etc. read

    (refer to class notes for specific titles)

    PURPOSE:  A plot outline essentially provides a concise yet specific collection of information and understandings about a story line in an organized fashion.

    A story line (plot) ALWAYS has:

         ~ TAG    Title - Author - Genre

         ~ a beginning, a middle, and an end

         ~ protagonist and antagonist

         ~ setting / time period / condition (Social-Political-Economic-Religious-Military backdrop)

         ~ Narrator (point of view)

         ~ Characterization (the way in which the author develops the character ~ S T E A L / Direct or Indirect / Static or Dynamic)

         ~ Major conflict (with minor conflicts growing from or feeding major conflict)

         ~ Theme (the life lesson the author conveys through his or her writing)

         ~ Literary Techniques / Devices that illimunate the story's meaning


    Use the links below for a STUDENT SAMPLE or to retrieve the outline detailing requirements.

    FINAL PLOT OUTLINES -- Due Tue 6/7/2011

    Plot Outlines (use the Checklist to assure quality work)

      Psst... Check out the latest SAMPLE (pay special attention to the Lit Device section)



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