Poems for October

  • Poems for October

    Get out! (Sung to "BIngo)

    What happens if there is a fire?

    Do you know what to do? Oh!


    Get out! Quick,get out!

    Get out! Quick,get out!

    Stay very low and go.GO!

    What happens if there is a fire?

    Do you know what to do? Oh!


    Stay out! Don't go back!

    Stay out! Don't go back!

    Don't go back in the house.NO!

    What happens if there is a fire?

    Do you know what to do? Oh!


    Get help! Call for help!

    Get help! Call for help!

    Call 911 for help! Oh!


    Columbus was a sailor.

    He sailed the ocean blue.

    He landed in America,

    In 1492.


    When the leaves drop,

    Yellow,brown,and red,

    When the geese turn south,far overhead,

    When Jack Frost's mischief shows up clear,

    We know October time is here.

    We wait--and hope--

    And wait--and then,

    Hurray!  It's Halloween



    In October

    I'll be a host

    To witches, goblins

    And a ghost

    I'll serve them

    Chicken soup

    On toast.

    Whoopy once

    Whoopy twice

    Whoopy chicken soup

    With rice.

    Rain Of Leaves

    It's raining big,

    It's raining small,

    It's raining leaves,

    In the fall.

    It's raining gold,

    And red and brown,

    As autumn leaves

    Come raining down.

    The Wind Of Fall

    The wind of fall,

    Is tuning it's fiddles,

    Pumping it's organ,

    Testing its drums,

    Shining it's brasses,

    Sorting it's music,

    Planning it's concerts...

    And here it comes!

    Take Me Out To The Graveyard

    (Sung to the tune of : Take Me Out To The Ballgame)

    Take me out to the graveyard

    Take me out with the bones.

    Let me meet mummy and "Mr.Drac,"

    I don't care if I ever get back!

    Let us Hoot,Hoot,Hoot for

    The vampires,

    If they get out be on guard!

    For its one,two,three BITES

    Your out!

    At the old graveyard!

    Halloween Tree

    I saw a Halloween tree

    And someone was looking at me,

    Black cats and bats,

    And witches too,

    The ghosts and skeletons

    All said, "BOO,BOO,BOO!"

    The 12 Days Of Halloween

    On the twelfth day of Halloween,

    My true love gave to me:

    An owl in a dead tree

    2 trick-or-treaters

    3 black cats

    4 skeletons

    5 scary spooks

    6 goblins gobbling

    7 pumpkins glowing

    8 monsters shrieking

    9 ghosts a-booing

    10 ghouls a-groaning

    11 masks a-leering

    12 bats a-flying

    Pumpkin Faces

    Here is a pumpkin who's happy.

    Here is a pumpkin who cries.

    Here is a pumpkin who's sleepy,

    Here is a pumpkin who sighs.

    Here is a pumpkin who's angry

    Here is a pumpkin who's sad

    Here is a pumpkin who's noisy,

    Here is a pumpkin who's glad.

    -By Louise Binder Scott

    Skeleton Parade

    The skeletons are out tonight,

    They march about the street,

    With bony bodies,bony heads

    With bony hands and feet,


    With nothing in between,

    Up and down and all around

    They march on Halloween.

    The Little Witches

    One, little, two, little

    Three little witches

    Flying over haystacks,

    Flying over ditches,

    Sliding down moonbeams

    Without any hitches,

    All on Halloween Night.

    A Witch

    If I were a witch,

    I'd climb on my broom

    And scatter those ghosts

    With a zoom,zoom,zoom!

    One, Two, Witches Brew

    One,two Witch's brew.

    Three, four, Dragon's roar.

    Five, six, Wizard's tricks,

    Seven,eight,Vampire's date,

    Nine,ten, Goblins again!

    See The Little Spider

    See the little spider

    Climbing on the wall.

    She spins a thread of silk

    And then she starts to fall.

    Sliding down the tread

    And dropping to the floor,

    Then she climbs again,

    To build her web some more.

    When the spider's work is done,

    She watches with her eyes,

    Then sits so very still

    And waits to catch some flies.

    Little Bat

    Small and furry,little bat,

    Fly through the sky at night.

    Listen,listen, little bat,

    As echoes guide your flight,

    Swoop and dive, little bat,

    Catch insects as you fly,

    Hurry,hurry little bat

    Back to your nearby cave.

    Snug and warm, little bat,

    Toes hold the ceiling light.

    Sleepy,sleepy, little bat,

    Wrapped in your wings until night.

    On Halloween

    We mask our faces

    And wear strange hats

    And moan like witches

    And screech like cats

    And jump like goblins

    And thump like elves

    And almost manage

    To scare ourselves.

    Seven Little Monsters

    Seven monsters in a row,

    See the seven monsters go.

    One goes up, Two goes down

    Three comes creeping into town.

    Four eats only tulip trees

    Five drinks all tumbling seas.

    Six sleeps late,but not in bed

    Seven just screws off his head.

    Seven monsters in a row

    Making trouble,there they go !

    By Maurice Sendak