Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will my child be creating this year?
       All student's projects will be based on the Elements and Principles of Design.  Some students will be traveling around the world learning about different countries, their cultures and the art created and found there. Other students will be studying and learning about different artists and art techniques.

    How are projects graded?

       Projects are NOT graded on how well your child can draw. They are graded on whether or not they have completed certain requirements.

    How many art pieces are in the art show?
       Each student will have 1 piece of art work in the art show.

    Are the students entered into contests?
       Yes, I try to enter each grade level in at least one contest a year. I choose not to enter students in too many because then they are missing out on important art lessons.

    What are my goals as the art teacher?

       My goal is to proved a supportive and fun art class while students are learning about the elements and principles of art, different cultures, famous artists and art techniques. I would also like to help students discover new interests.